Yes, we will provide lunch for the scouts from a period of 12:30-1:30 on the day of the event.

No.  We will not be filling out blue cards or be verifying previously completed requirements for any merit badges.  Approximately one month after the event, Troop reports outlining each scout’s classes and covered requirements will be sent to the corresponding point-of-contact.  Presenting these reports to a counselor and illustrating that the scout has the proper knowledge is your responsibility.

There are no true prerequisites for any class at UTMBU.  However, there may be a few materials that are needed for certain merit badges.  These materials can be found on the ‘Classes’ page of the website.

No, classes denoted by “A” and “B” are exactly the same. The letter just means that there are two of these classes being taught during the same session. Your scouts should not sign up for an “A” class and a “B” class for the same badge unless they want to take the same badge twice.

Approximately one month after the conclusion of MBU, we will start sending out troop merit badge reports based on which classes your scouts attended. We ask for your patience in the event that reports are not sent out in time, or are sent with errors. Please direct all questions on this matter to support@utmbu.org

That information will only be given out to scouts who complete the courses after the conclusion of MBU 2018. However, our website will have a list of which badges will be completed and which will need to be finished with another counselor later. This list will be on the site at a later date.

Scouts may take UT Campus Tours with their parents or troop leaders if interested, but they may not sign up for any of the other adult classes. Adults may not sign up for merit badge classes. If an adult wishes to attend a merit badge class, please ask the teacher of the course prior to the beginning of the class.

No, although it is highly recommended. Scouts without classes may not wander the campus unaccompanied while class sessions are being held.

It is STRONGLY recommended that scouts taking the Tenderfoot program take both the morning and the afternoon sessions. If a scout only takes one or the other, there is no guarantee on which requirement they will complete, as the scouts will be split up and revolve through 1 or 4 stations every 2 hours of the program. The only way to complete the program and earn all requirements detailed by the program is to take both morning and afternoon sessions.

This is up to the troop, but the person registering the troop can print the Legal and Consent Waiver and have scouts and their parents sign this form, then, having parental consent, sign the electronic signature themselves while registering. Scouts registering individually can have their parents sign their electronic signature themselves.

Either way is fine, but for easier management on the troop’s end, one person should register all scouts in the troop at once. This will allow for that troop representative to make changes and check scout schedules as needed. Any extra scouts who register individually will have to make their own class changes.

Go to the log-in screen on the registration site and click “Need help logging in?” Enter your email address and click “Continue”. You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password. After doing so, you will be able to log in using your email address and your newly created password. Once you log in, you will be able to view your registrations and change them as needed. PLEASE NOTE that changes will only be allowed until February 3rd at 11:55pm.